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My name is Chelsea, and I’m a Life & Health Coach. I empower people to step out of their personal flavor of suffering and stuckness and into feeling lighter

through building awareness and going deep to experience a sense of realizing their purpose, and living their truth, fully. I know that this human experience can be joyful, radical, and thrilling, but also challenging, agonizing, and SERIOUSLY confusing at times. I’ve felt this, and getting out of our own way is sometimes the hardest part. And you know what? It’s OKAY to feel these things. It’s okay to feel lost and alone and scared and blocked. We can’t get out of these situations on our own. We need help. We need support.

That’s where I come in.


Let’s talk. Schedule your breakthrough session today to get started on the newest chapter of your journey, where you get to decide the outcome of your own reinvention. (How fricken cool is that?!)

“Transformation happens on the
other side of Surrender”

Get ready to surrender into the best version of yourself possible. I’m stoked you’re here.


Chelsea Gray  |  Certified Life & Health Coach  |  805.890.9345


‘Chelsea has been an invaluable asset in my life. She has helped me along on my path to living my life to the fullest, in its truest, happiest form… She is an amazing human being, full of wisdom, compassion, love, integrity and encouragement. I am forever grateful for her services.’

-Kayci B.

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