My Intent/Journey

So, I’m Chelsea. I am a Health and Life Coach.

…What the hell does that mean?!

In short, I am committed to impacting the lives of everyone I meet. That might occur as a person who has HATED their body for their entire life comes into a transformation of realizing their own wholeness and perfection, loving their vessel with my system and support. It might happen as I support and stretch a person who KNOWS they can do better than they are, and yet struggles with fear or doubt or the dreaded unknown (terrifying, really…). It might take place as someone whose doctor has told them that if they don’t lose a substantial amount of weight, they’re sure to suffer through what could be the best days of their lives… then with my support and guidance, they do.

I’m here for a few reasons:

  • To be present with my clients and their struggles and their triumphs.
  • To support my clients with the highest possible vision of themselves that they can dream up.
  • To hold that vision as absolute truth, no matter what obstacles come our way.
  • To be here, right now, as life happens; because this human experience is f*cking confusing and HARD, and everyone needs some guidance from time to time!
  • To never judge, criticize, or belittle the pain or not-so-kind self-talk that is so natural and habitual for some (let’s be real… ALL) of us.
  • To laugh when it’s time to laugh, cry when it’s time to cry, and celebrate the sh*t out of you and all that you achieve.

Who the heck am I anyway…

As I refer to myself fondly, “I’m in recovery from pretty much… everything”. I’ve been on this THRILLING rollercoaster of a journey of mine for about 4 years. On May 5th of 2014, I woke up on the (broken) futon in my messy, crash-pad of an apartment, with beer and whiskey bottles (and worse) covering the wicker thing I had been using as a coffee table. I felt like shit. I looked like shit. Rent was late. I was sick of being sick and broke and overweight… and I decided it was time for a shift. What I thought would be a short break in my partying streak ended up being the wake up call to what life could be like: pretty f’ing sweet. I was clear headed, making better choices, and “trimming the fat” in my social circles.

But the struggle didn’t stop there. I had started launching my life into an amazing direction, but was still feeling lack. Lack of self-love, self-respect, and self-worth. I spun out into what would turn into an eating disorder that would rob me of a year of that “feelin’ bitchin” version of me I was chasing so hard. Without help and connection to my body, I was secretly suffering and starving. It was around this time that I had a bit of a self-awakening (yeah, let’s call it that…) and in perfect time, found my Yoga practice. Yoga was the final puzzle piece that connected my sober head with this miraculous body; finally learning how to nourish my body with physical activity instead of viewing exercise as one more punishment I was meant to endure.

In the 4 years since that morning on my futon, I’ve lost 50lbs, and gained an INSANELY supportive network of friends and colleagues, a career that I’m absolutely in love with, purpose, stronger relationships with my family, a relentless yoga practice, connection with my higher power, and most of all – I got my fricken life back. 

Point of this (not so short) retelling of all of my dirt is to make one thing clear: I’ve been where you are. And if I haven’t been there, I’m sure I’ve felt how you feel. And you know what? Chances are, you are SO much more powerful than you ever thought possible. And worthy. And absolutely f’ing rad. And I’m so stoked that you’ve landed here, with me, on my journey of guiding and serving and loving on your awesome self. We’re all in this together, don’t ever forget that.

“Chelsea’s two week cleanse was exactly what I needed to refresh my eating habits and gain invaluable insight into how my dietary choices are affected by my emotional and mental health. Not only was Chelsea knowledgeable and always available to answer whatever questions I had, she was supportive and understanding with a refreshing and honest approach to health and mindful eating. With Chelsea’s guidance, I was able to identify elements of my diet and eating habits that were the byproducts of boredom, anxiety, and other emotional stressors, and to find alternative solutions to curb cravings and nourish my body with the foods it actually wants and needs.”

-Kelsea D.