What my awesome clients have to say…

“Chelsea has been an invaluable asset in my life. She has helped me along on my path to living my life to the fullest, in its truest, happiest form. She has helped me make plans for my week and set up achievable goals. Because of her, I am able to see life more clearly for what it truly is and how to cut past all the bullshit that has been holding me back. This is a journey. There have been ups. There have been downs -but Chelsea has been there holding my hand through them all and helping me grow from every experience. She is highly recommended to anyone looking to live their happiest life, but need a little support along the way. She is an amazing human being, full of wisdom, compassion, love, integrity and encouragement. I am forever grateful for her services.”

-Kayci B.

“Chelsea is amazing and I love this program!!! I’m currently in the process of her 90 day program and I can’t begin tell you how effective it’s already been and how much of a positive change it’s made in my life! I feel like I’ve been re-wired about how I feel about my body and the choices I make in every day life! She’s not only shown me amazing new ways of eating and working out, but given me simple things to do in my day to day life that have made such a huge difference almost without me realizing it! She’s also hilarious and crazy supportive so it’s such a pleasure to work with her! Highly recommended her to everyone and anyone!!!!!”

-Danny D.

“Chelsea’s two week cleanse was exactly what I needed to refresh my eating habits and gain invaluable insight into how my dietary choices are affected by my emotional and mental health. Not only was Chelsea knowledgeable and always available to answer whatever questions I had, she was supportive and understanding with a refreshing and honest approach to health and mindful eating. With Chelsea’s guidance, I was able to identify elements of my diet and eating habits that were the byproducts of boredom, anxiety, and other emotional stressors, and to find alternative solutions to curb cravings and nourish my body with the foods it actually wants and needs.”

-Kelsea D.

“I absolutely loved the cleanse that my husband and I did with Chelsea. She was an amazing coach through it all, from explaining everything thoroughly from the start, to checking in consistently to encourage us or answer any questions, to congratulating us at the end. We never felt like we were alone through the whole thing. The cleanse itself was fulfilling and sustainable. I never felt like I was missing anything- because I could still eat pretty much whenever I wanted. I learned a lot about my body that I never knew- including what I was sensitive to, and that I could give up things I never thought I’d be able to in learning that! My husband even enjoyed the feeling he got in getting to know his body more and in feeling more energy throughout it all. The cleanse created a lifestyle change for us more than anything, because we realized that we were dependent on food that was not fueling our body. We loved having sustainable energy and less stomach and digestive issues that we hadn’t realized were bothering us as much as they were before we did this. It broke my addiction to sugar that I had had since I can remember. The whole experience was such a delight, so much so that we cannot wait to do it all again! We love Chelsea and the 14 day reset cleanse, and we are so thankful that we took the time and did something so great and beneficial for our bodies that do SO much for us in return.”

-Breann T.

“I conquered The 14 Day Cleanse and it seriously changed my life! It was hard at first but it made me realize how many bad things I was putting into my body on a daily basis. The cleanse forced me to read all ingredients, try new things and get creative in the kitchen. Chelsea was there for support and answered all my questions quickly and honestly. After the 14 days, I found what my body wants, needs and shouldn’t have. I’m still cooking healthy and losing weight. I have energy and I’m feeling super motivated. Thanks, Chelsea! I couldn’t have done it without you.”

-Crystal N.

“She’s a vibrant, sparkling, healthy example of transformation, she’s on a noble mission to help others achieve the same.”

-Robert G.